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Saturday, 24 Octuber de 2020
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Procedures Census of Inhabitants

Census of Inhabitants: affiliation procedures, change of address, application for certificates and other related procedures

Registration certificates. Automatic shipment

Automatic service of issuance of the following certificates: 1. Certificate of individual residence. 2. Certificate of cohabitation. 3. Individual historical certificate. 4. Individual historical negative certificate.

Transversal table for the recovery of the city

Covid-19 and the actions that have been taken to protect public health have generated a serious economic and social impact on the activity of the city of Lleida and its commercial and business fabric. Lleida City Council wants to lead this recovery with the complicity of all sectors and work together with the common goal of working to guarantee and recover the well-being of citizens in the broadest sense.

Activa't al casal de la dona

Annual program of activities aimed at all women in the municipality of Lleida, organized by the Casal de la Dona and the Womens Information and Attention Center of the Department of Education, Cooperation, Civil Rights and Feminisms of Lleida City Council. Activa't al Casal offers, between October and May, a wide range of workshops, which aim to promote health and well-being, strength and personal growth, the dissemination and defense of women's rights. , to prevent sexist violence and to promote the empowerment, leadership and contributions of the female associative fabric of our city.

Llega 800

The deployment of 4G mobile via DTT, the 800MHz band, begins. DTT and 4G coexistence

gora de Lleida

Agora of Lleida. Opportunities and alliances for the postcovid city is the title of the conference held by the city on June 30 and July 1, 2020 in order to make a first reflection and debate on the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences, with a broad and cross-sectional view.

Agenda of the city of Lleida

Interest information
Ethics Mailbox

The Ethics and Good Governance Mailbox is a secure channel for electronic participation that is made available to the public with the aim of offering a space where you can report or report any action or omission contrary to the principles of good governance or legal system, as a way to strengthen public management.

Ethics Mailbox
buy in Lleidabuy in Lleida

BUY IN LLEIDA is an initiative promoted by Lleida City Council through the Councilor for Consumer Affairs, Trade and Markets to offer citizens a resource that has emerged from the new reality that the emergency situation leaves us with COVID19.

Area Tips

Sign up for the area or neighborhood council where you live

Area Tips
Request an appointmentRequest an appointment

You can request an appointment at the OMAC and OGAT offices.

The Digital Certificate idCAT

It allows you to make proceedings from your house with the main public administrations through its websites.

The Digital Certificate idCAT
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