Ilustración-mapa de la ruta

Domus Templi (the Knights Templars’ dominions) offers the visitor the possibility to know in situ the work and history of the Order of the Knights Templars in the Crown of Aragon. It is a singular architectural heritage of great historical interest, little known until now.

The route goes through the bordering territories of the old Christian and Muslim kingdoms along the Cinca and Segre river basins and most of the last stretch of the Ebro river basin, including the Maestrat and the north of the current province of Castellón. A large part of these territories was owned by the Knights Templars, who organized it in large commanderies such as those of Monzón, Gardeny, Miravet, Tortosa and Peñíscola.

Commandery castles, towers, country houses, churches or housing estates built within their lands -most of them still preserved today- are present along the route and are the best witnesses of the Knights Templars’ imprint on the old kingdoms of the Crown of Aragon.